Drain Cleaning. Hydro-Jetting. & Repair services

ServeStar : "When the Only Choice is Clear!"

We efficiently Clear Drains of All Sizes & Types:

From condensation drains to main building lines ServeStar has the experience, tools, and equipment to clear drain blockages and other quickly & efficiently. With a variety of electronic cable machines our technicians can clear foreign objects, buildup, and other blockages from lines allowing water to flow freely. All drain line calls include a fiberoptic visual inspection to ensure the line is cleared as well as to identify additional issues. This saves you time and money.

Clean & Safe: 

While clearing your drain lines we work hard to keep the area clean and safe by erecting barriers and providing containment. Our technicians have dealt with almost every type of clog or drain issue and don't waste time when it comes to providing accurate diagnosis and proposed repairs. When the only choice is clear call ServeStar and we will get you there. 



ServeStar has invested in Hydro-Jet technology that effectively clears all types drain lines using high pressure water. Completely safe for your plumbing system, this technology cleans and scrubs the interior of drain lines removing any buildup such as grease or blockages caused by foreign objects such as packaging etc. Extended ranges of up to 500' mean we can reach the clog regardless of its location,on almost any drain system. This service is ideal for restaurants and retail locations but can also be used on residential main lines and secondary lines such as kitchen sinks, vents, etc. Hydro-Jetting services also offer an extended warranty vs traditional cable clearings. 


Drain Line Repair & Excavation

We repair, replace, & install all types of drains lines including PVC, Cast Iron, Copper, Clay, Concrete, etc. After locating issues with our fiberoptic camera & locator systems we are able to excavate affected lines, repair or replace bad connections, and ensure that the problem does not continue to be an issue. Wether the issue is above ground, in the ceiling, of below the surface we have the equipment needed to get it done right the first time. We are experienced in the use of backhoes, excavators, lifts, scaffolding, concrete saws, jackhammers, fresh air systems, and other types of equipment necessary for accessing and repairing or replacing lines. All commercial repairs come with a one year limited installation warranty.