Fiber-Optic Drain Inspection & Line Location

Drain Camera Systems

ServeStar technicians carry fiber optic sewer camera systems to any drain line job to visually inspect lines and identify potential problems in most drain lines. This allows us to diagnose problems with fittings, back-pitch of lines, root intrusion, foreign objects lodged in lines, or other issues. Knowing what is causing repeated backups can save you money and prevent down time allowing you options to fix and prevent issues before they re-occur. 

Line Location:

All our cameras have locator beacons imbedded that are then able to be found using locator beacon wands. The wands identify the precise location and depth of any identified problem viewed via our fiber-optic cameras. Wether working inside or outside, knowing exactly where you need to dig and how to what depth is critical data that saves time and money. 


Video Footage

Video footage can be provided via email, dropbox, or youtube links. We can also customize video footage to include text identification of problems. This provides the resources to help decision makers more easily identify and settle on options for repair or replacement. A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing footage can eliminate uncertainty. 


ServeStar Fiber Optic Video Drain Line Example